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Freezers lose power and after a time the possible cost of spoiled food can become high.

Medical devices lose power and threaten lives.

Elevators without power can inconvenience customers.

Security systems and webcams go offline and threaten property loss.

Air Conditioning/HVAC systems go off-line, employees may not be able to work, customers will quickly leave.

Water/bilge pumps go off-line in boats and risk sinking.

Heaters go off and threaten frozen water pipes.

Watering systems can shut down and lose plants, vegetables, and crops.

Computer outages can shut down web sites and remote control of devices.

Remote locations or nursing homes might need checking during an outage.

Pool cleaning systems can shut off risking water quality and algae growth.

Broadcast systems can shut down TV/Radio/Cellular services.

Internet services can shut down making angry customers – quick notice can improve service reputation.

Power outage logging can become the basis for a claim to the power company for the quality of service.

Severe outages can prompt a status call to the power company to resolve quicker.

Breaker box related outages can be tracked to the exact second they occurred.

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